We give driving lessons to:

  • Beginners
  • young learner drivers learn to drive in a friendly and stress free environment.
  • Conversion of Overseas Licence to WA Licence
  • Upgrade from Automatic to Manual cars
  • Refresher courses for licensed drivers

Our driving lessons are customised to each individual requirements.

We teach:

  • Basic Foundations – Steering, Paddle Controls, Signalling and Checking.
  • Vehicle Management – proper Gear Changing Techniques, Path, Movement and Flow.
  • Traffic Management – we will give you lots of driving experience and advice on different roads, weather and traffic situations.
  • Parking – Advanced techniques of various types of parking, Front Park, Reverse Park and Reverse Parallel Park.
  • Manoeuvres – All types of manoeuvres including the exercise called “ Left something behind “ a manoeuvre which is required in the driving test.


We will also teach you the following techniques in driving:

  • Observation – Learn to look and be aware of the traffic situation around you.
  • Anticipation – Be able to anticipate what other road users are going to do. Are there any potential dangers around you ?.
  • Planning – Plan what to do in different situations.
  • Decision – be able to make quick and precise decision and commit to it.
  • Action – Take immediate action to execute the proper manoeuvres required for that particular situation.


Passing the Practical Driving Assessment is just a formality. We will guide you and show you the easy way to pass the driving test.

Our comprehensive driver training program will teach and help you to drive like a professional and experienced driver. You will feel very confident and safe to drive on any road, in any traffic situation and anywhere in the world.

Lesson Price:

Standard Lesson

$60 per hour

Package Deal

$275 for 5 lessons package

Lesson & Test